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Dynamic Thermal Modelling (DTM)

Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM)

Simulation modelling enables us to assess every aspect of thermal performance, from annual energy consumption and carbon emissions down to individual surface temperatures.

Dynamic Thermal and Simulation Modelling allow us to investigate:

·      Building geometry

·      Building layout optimisation

·      Building fabric performance

·      Thermal comfort levels

·      Summer overheating

·      Solar shading effectiveness

·      Natural and mixed-mode ventilation

·      Daylight lighting design

·      Renewable energy systems

·      Energy consumption and carbon emissions

·      Occupancy profiles and building use

·      Building Regulation and Energy Compliance (Part L, EPC, BREEAM etc.)

Although DSM is used to produce Level 5 EPCs it can also be applied to simpler commercial buildings. DSM offers greater accuracy in comparison to SBEM software, as it takes into account external/environmental forces which can influence occupancy, behavioural and energy use profiles.

Thermal & Acoustic Solutions Ltd are able to provide Dynamic Simulation Modelling to determine the reduction in CO2 emissions for the Local Authority accordingly or undertake energy assessments at the design stage and as-built stage and provide advice on Part L compliance to ensure that Building Regulation compliance is complied with.