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The London Plan

Mayor Sadiq Khan has published his draft London Plan, a broad-based plan to shape how London’s urban environment develops over the next 20-25 years.
Policy 5.2 of the London Plan requires each major development proposal to submit a detailed energy assessment.

The purpose of an energy assessment is to demonstrate that climate change mitigation measures are integral to the scheme’s design and evolution, that the London Plan energy hierarchy has been followed and that the building is inherently energy efficient before any eco bling is applied, that the final solution achieves the required 35% improvement over the 2013 building regulations and that the strategy is appropriate to the context of the development.

The London Plan outlines a 4-step hierarchy in CO2 reduction:

  1. Be Lean. Insulation, glazing, heating, ventilation
  2. Be Clean. Supplying energy and heating through efficient networks
  3. Be Green. Low carbon and renewable technologies
  4. Carbon Offset Payment. Any remaining regulated energy must be offset with a payment to the local authority

At Thermal & Acoustic Solutions we can produce an energy strategy demonstrating how CO2 emissions reductions from major developments will be achieved against targets set in policy 5.2 of the London Plan.
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